Marine Science Associates, Inc.

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Oceanographic Services and Meeting Planning

Past and Present Services

Oceaneering, Inc., 1994 (provided predictions of Indian Ocean currents for salvage of a downed Navy jet off the coast of Somalia)

Greater Tampa Bay Marine Advisory Council - PORTS, Inc., 1995-present (provide management services for the Tampa Bay Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System)

Post, Buckley, Schuh, and Jernigan, Inc., 1998-2005 (provided simulations of salinity and circulation changes in Tampa Bay from proposed water supply projects; assist in design and implementation of a comprehensive hydro-biological monitoring plan for permitted water supply projects)

Tampa Bay Water, a Regional Water Supply Authority, 1998-2005 (provided expert testimony on the effects of water supply projects on the Tampa Bay estuary)

Nova Southeastern University, 1998-2005 (provide coordination of design and implementation of a real-time environmental observing array for the South Florida Ocean Measurement Center)

ENSR, 1999-2000, 2006 (evaluated environmental effects of a proposed natural gas pipeline to be built through Tampa Bay)

Conrod Associates, 2000-2001 (provide field instrumentation for real-time monitoring of the Brooker Creek Preserve, Pinellas County)

Marine Desalination Systems, LLC, 2001-2005 (provide analyses of oceanographic data for the Tampa Bay region)
Taiwan National Center for Ocean Research, 2001 (provide optical instrumentation for calibration of satellite remote sensing of ocean color)

Woods Hole Group, 2001 (provide installation and retrieval of oceanographic instrumentation in Tampa Bay, Florida)

S and W Water, LLC, 2001 (provided expert testimony in permit hearing for Big Bend desalination facility)

Carnival Cruise Lines, 2002 (provided analyses of oceanographic data in support of legal proceedings)

The Boeing Company, 2004-2008 (provided advice on demonstration projects for the Integrated Ocean Observing System)

Janicki Environmental, Inc., 2004-present (participated in review of St. Johns River Water Management District modeling program for Indian River Lagoon; collaborating in coupled hydrodynamic-water quality model of Tampa Bay using ECOM3D and CEQUAL-ICM for application to Piney Point phosphate discharges and to Tampa Bay Water's Downstream Augmentation Program)

Industrial Economics, Inc., 2005-2006 (provided simulations of hydrodynamics in Tampa Bay during Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne for analysis of phosphate process water spill trajectory and fate)

Water Resource Solutions, 2005-2006 (provided summary of hydrodynamic conditions and residence times in Safety Harbor, Tampa Bay, in support of desalination discharge permitting)

Mote Marine Lab, 2005-2007 (provide model simulations of discharge plume from TECO power plants in Hillsborough Bay in support of discharge permit renewal)

HSW Engineering, 2005-present (provide review of Minimum Flow and Level recomendations for Suwannee River, Wacassasa River, and adjacent springs; assist in modeling of the Homosassa River)

Mosaic Phosphates, 2008-present (through subcontract from Lewis Environmental Services; provide monitoring and modeling of flow through mangrove channels for restoration project)

Science Applications International Corporation, 2007-2009 (advise on aspects of the Integrated Ocean Observing System)